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Welcome to Your Dental & Aesthetic Clinic in Marbella


Dentistry Marbella

General dentistry - Adults and children

Dental Clinic Marbella
Marbeclinic: Your Dentists in Marbella

Dental clinic in the centre of Marbella

Dental Implants Marbella
Dental Implants  Implant and crown: 800€.                                                        
Swiss quality and guarantee.

Bone regeneration
Bone Regeneration for Dental Implants 
Stem Cells to regenerate bone for dental implants.

Orthodontics Marbella
Orthodontics - Adults and children

Metal - Invisible orthodontics - Colours

Invisalign Marbella
Invisalign - The clear alternative to Braces


Stem Cell Banking Marbella

Stem cell banking
Marbeclinic Marbella

Tooth whitening and veneers Marbella

Tooth whitening and Porcelain veneers

Beautiful teeth and smiles for every one. Easy and fast.

Bio Resonance Diagnostic Marbella

Bio Resonance Diagnostics. Non-Invasive test to prevent health problems.

Thread Lift Marbella
No surgery face lift - Thread Lift

Deep skin hydration
Deep hydrating skin treatment


Botulinum Toxin
Male Aesthetics Marbella

Male Aesthetics Clinic 
Hair Regeneration. Mens Aesthetic Medicine. Male Plastic Surgery. Mens Rejuvenation.

Post-op plastic surgery lymph massage Marbella

Post-op plastic surgery lymph massage
Phsiotherapy Marbella


Complimentary and Alternative medicine Marbella
Complimentary and Alternative medicine Marbella

Acupuncture Marbella