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Dental Implants Marbella Costa del Sol, Spain

Are You looking for Dental Implants in Spain?

Dental Implantology Marbeclinic Marbella: Trus us, we have the experience and the expertise.

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Swiss made high quality dental implants. Our experience is your guarantee.

Dental Implants


The dental implants are small titanium screws that are fixed to the bone of the jaws. A porcelain crown is fixed to the implant replacing our own tooth. In our clinic we offer you a free diagnosis and quote.

Swiss Technology and QualitySwiss Quality Dental Implants

Tri Implants is quality guarantee.

Marbeclinic Marbella only trusts products of the best quality.

Tri Implants products are manufactured according to Swiss standards, and have full warranty.

We care for your oral health.  

Titanium implant 500€. Crown 500€. Total price

No hidden extras, and you can pay in three easy installments. 

Fixed teethimplantes dentales


The fixed teeth can always be placed when there is a strong and healthy bone where we can fix it. Once the new root, ie the "screw" is perfectly set into the bone, we proceed to place a crown or a fixed bridge. That way we recover the lost pieces and we have new stable, functional and safe teeth in your mouth. The implanted pieces are permanent and do not require other care that our own teeth. Ask for a free appointment at the clinic, we give you a free quote.



Bone regeneration dental implants

In addition Marbeclinic Marbella has a revolutionary system that allows us to regenerate the damaged bone using autologous cells, improving the diagnosis of patients in our clinic and enabling implantology.

Your own body can generate bone with the help of your own healthy cells. We are using autologous cells for bone regeneration, which is based on the same principles as stem cell therapy.

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