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Physiotherapy - Therapeutic Massage - Chiromassage

Fisioterapia - Masajes Terapeuticos Marbella

Pamper your body with therapeutic massages.


Bonus 3 massages 1 hour each = 105 € 1 massage 40 €.

Specialist Physio treatments for the relief of pain, injury and stress in Marbeclinic Marbella. Massage Therapy. Sports massage & Physiotherapy in Marbella Costa del Sol. We offer a wide range of services; Physiotherapy, Sports, Deep tissue massage.

Physiotherapeutic Massage

Physiotherapist Marbeclinic Marbella: Abel Navarro Uréndez

Massage upper and lower limbs

This massage is to relief accumulated tension. It is applied slowly and with firm and progressive pressure, focusing on the points where more stress builds up. It helps eliminate knots and sends more oxygen to the muscles for their benefit.


Foot massage

Spoil yourself starting with your feet. With this experience that will leave you full of energy and very relaxed.


Back and Cervical Massage

Enjoy a wonderful relaxing massage to get rid of all your accumulated stress and recover the harmony between body and mind.


Capillary massage

For those moments of stress in which your head starts spinning and you can not think clearly we recommend this great massage. An experience of absolute relaxation to release tension and restore your tranquility and lost energy.


Facial Massage

The face is the part of the body to first show tiredness and where health problems are evident. It can also be the beginning of recovery thanks to advanced techniques of facial massage.



Sport Massage

With this massage we improve circulation and blood pumping, bringing more oxygen to your muscles, in order to reduce pain, eliminate toxins generated while performing sports, and that way we can avoid overuse injuries.


Abdominal massage

If you often have the feeling of a "knot in your stomach" associated with stress and anxiety, this massage will help to relieve digestive problems as well as muscle strengthening and relaxation.


Cellulite Massage

This type of massage smoothens and tightens the skin resulting in a loss of volume that can be visible as soon as after the first session.


Pre- and Post Sports Massage

If you like sport, with these massages you will reach the glory. The treatment you receive will grant you all kinds of advantages, both functional practice, and for injury prevention.


Stress Relief

A new soft and relaxing massage that helps your body to reduce stress achieving health and wellness, within an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

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