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COSMETIC MEDICINE: Your skin needs vitamins!


Mesotherapy: Vitamins for your skin
You need to eat right and you need MESOTHERAPY!

Vitamins are essential to have healthy and wrinkle-free skin. But topical application of creams and cosmetics presents a big problem because vitamins are very unstable substances which, when in contact with oxygen or light, are rapidly degraded, thus losing their effectiveness. The solution to this problem is the microencapsulation that recently is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics
The truth is that even though high-end cosmetics manufacturers are constantly improving their formulas the effects of wrinkle creams and facial treatments sold in perfumeries never will eliminate existing wrinkles.
Facial creams, and all the innovative products that we buy as anti-wrinkle creams and wrinkle serums, are products that moisturize the skin, and thus avoid and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, but can do very little to eliminate existing ones. The price of these products is usually relatively high, especially considering that really do not "eliminate" wrinkles.
Instead there is the option of bringing vitamins directly to our skin with mesotherapy. At first it may seem more expensive than buying a cream, but it is well worth it because the result is that the treatment really smooth wrinkles and decrease their visibly, in short time.
The big difference is that with mesotherapy vitamins and revitalizing substances penetrate deep into the skin and thus get to activate cell regeneration.
Creams and serums are left on the surface of our skin, and face, where we have a natural protective barrier. This barrier prevents vitamins and active ingredients from activating our cellular activity.
- Retinol - Vitamin A Vitamin A has a double regenerative function. On the one hand, it stimulates cell division in the deep layers of the skin and, on the other, serves as exfoliating accelerating the removal of dead cells in the epidermis. It also promotes the synthesis of collagen, which provides firmness, and regulates the activity of melanocytes, promoting a uniform pigmentation and eliminating unsightly stains. It can irritate sensitive skin and sun protection it is essential during use since it causes the skin to become very photosensitive. It is one of the few vitamins that have visible effects being applied as a topical cream, but needs a lot of perseverance and long term use.
- B group vitamins Vitamins belonging to the B group consists of eight vitamins of which two, B3 (niacin) and B5 (pantothenic acid), are very common in cosmetic formulas. The first prevents damage caused by sun exposure, prevents water loss and is very effective in treating acne and rosacea. The second is essential for cellular metabolism, stimulating the formation of fibroblasts, improves hydration and increases skin elasticity.
- C Vitamin  C Vitamin is well known as a very healthy and antioxidant vitamin. It has an endless list of benefits: it promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, neutralizes the negative effect of free radicals, fights wrinkles, improves both the texture and softness of the skin, protects it from external aggressions like sun, pollution, etc. It also allows the skin to maintain the optimal level of hydration, brightens the skin, reduces blemishes and has anti-inflammatory qualities. Just like Retinol, Vitamin C can irritate sensitive skin and is absolutely contraindicated in cases of rosacea.
- Tocopherol - Vitamin E Vitamin E promotes skin microcirculation, protects from the action of free radicals and acts as a sunscreen. It reduces wrinkles and redness; it attenuates scars, contains anti-inflammatory properties and enhances the regenerative process. It’s a real helping hand for your skin.
Provide your body with all essential vitamins, from the inside with a healthy, varied and balanced diet, and from outside with the help of specific cosmetic aesthetic medicine treatments suitable for your type of skin.


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