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Non-surgical Stem Cell Facelift


NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTRIGENERA FACELIFT WITH STEM CELL THERAPY. The most advanced science in the service of beauty.

Cell therapy is a revolutionary and innovative technology, still little known, and one of the aesthetic medicine treatments that can really be considered as a clear alternative to a surgical facelift.

The Bio-Lifting Stem Cell Therapy has numerous advantages:
It s
trengthens, renews and enhances the natural processes of tissue regeneration and skin becomes brighter and more uniform in its appearance.

Unlike a surgical facelift bio cutaneous stimulation RIGENERA with stem cell therapy is not intended to stretch wirinkles and aging skin, and does not change facial expression, but produces a REAL CELLULAR REGENERATION, the skin actually rejuvenates and recovers the young skins capacity for renewal and cellular activity.

The Bio-Lifting Stem Cell Therapy RIGENERA has no side effects, no risk of allergies or incompatibility as the active stem cells are obtained from your own tissues.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour, in our clinic in Marbella. No need for hospitalization or anesthesia. After the treatment you can join up your normal life immediately, although we always recommend a day or two of rest after any rejuvenation therapy, whenever possible ..

The technique is completely safe, and the result is permanent. We are not talking about a cosmetic treatment like many others, we speak of real cell rejuvenation. The procedure is to obtain a small sample of healthy tissue of the patient. Its components are separated by a technologically advanced and accurate equipment.

y centrifugation we acheive to separate the potentially regenerative cells, and later these are transplanted to the area where we want to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin on the face.

All experts agree: The future is cellular medicine, the future of regenerative medicine lies in the potential of the cells. Cellular Biolifting is a non-surgical medical technique that recovers the skin structure, providing tightness and firmness, stimulating natural collagen formation.

Uniformity of the color of your skin, becoming brighter.
Recover the smoothness of the face, looking younger.
Lessen deep wrinkles.
Remove incipient wrinkles.
Smudge acne scars.