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Marbella Teeth Whitening - Cosmetic Dentistry

TEETH WHITENING PROMOTION. Price: 1 session 50€. 2 sessions 80€. 3 sessions 100€. Share with friends as you like.


Teeth Whitening MarbellaMarbeclinic Marbella Teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment to restore healthy natural colour of teeth, removing stains and discoloration acquired by food, etc. The number of teeth whitening sessions depends on the results that are desired, although the natural colour of your enamel will always be the clearest shade of white that can be achieved.

The Teeth whitening procedure

Depending on the original colour your teeth will become one or several shades of white lighter. During and immediately after teeth whitening is advisable to avoid food and drink strong colour, like coffee, red wine, colas, etc. It is also advisable to avoid very cold or hot drinks as teeth whitening can cause sensitivity. This sensitivity is temporary and improvement in a very short time.

Keep in mind that fillings and veneers can not be whitened, but you can remove these stains by having a professional dental cleaning. A dental cleaning is always advisable in combination with the bleaching to remove plaque and tartar.

The teeth whitening procedure is not annoying, and it takes little time.

Moulds in which the bleaching product is deposited are prepared for you in the clinic.

Your gums are protected with a gel and the moulds are applied on the teeth for about 20 or 30 minutes per session. Remarkable results are achieved in a few sessions, and the result lasts for years.

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